In recent years, younger generations have started showing interest in the way they are dressing. Although dressing well is seen as the norm, it also means something different to everybody. After interviewing Lizzy Marffy and Lee Lampen, it was clear that although fashion is a part of both of their lives it means completely different things for these Kingswood College students.

Lizzy knows her place in fashion. As a girl from Zambia, and with a conscious recognition of how her friends were dressing, she wanted to have a different and unique look of her own. Wanting to pursue a career in fashion, Lizzy uses how she dresses as a way to express herself. From boho, to street style, to adding small touches of “girly” clothing to her wardrobe, her aim is to stand out from her peers. Lizzy creates her unique outfits with weird pieces from second-hand shops as she loves to buy “old, denim Levies and cut them up to make them look nice”. Since veering from the idea of fitting in with fashion, Lizzy does not wear an outfit more than twice. She gets bored of outfits very easily and enjoys changing them to continue with her personalised style.

Confidence is a key factor in the way Lee dresses each day. Coming from Zimbabwe, she was not open to a variety of styles. Since she uses confidence as a way of deciding on her outfits, she does not have a specific style she dresses by, but rather what inspires her each day. Flea-markets in Zimbabwe are a place where she enjoys shopping for fashion pieces, adding to her unique look. Lee gets her inspiration from her sister, who works at Revlon. Lee is able to see the confidence her sister has for what she does which then gives her the confidence to dress in a certain way. Lee does not want to pursue anything in fashion. She dresses for herself and for the moment. When Lee was asked what fashion meant to her she responded, “It’s not about what you wear, it is about how you wear it”.

Fashion is different for everyone. Coming from a school environment where many dress the same as one another, it was clear that people dress the way they do for different reasons. Dressing well does not mean one wants to pursue a fashion career, many people dress for themselves. Lizzy is a passionate fashionista who wants to follow a career in the style industry with the help of her distinctive style. Lee, who wants to chase a different career, dresses in the moment and uses her confidence when deciding her outfits for each day. No two people are the same, and as in life, fashion is the choice that guides our personal runways.

Lizzy Marffy: @lizzymarrfy

Lee Lampen: @lee_lampen