Gaby Lea Isabelle is known for her love for thrifting. Having such a diverse style, dressing ordinary is not her scene. Gaby builds up her cupboard with clothes she buys all over the world, mainly in Europe. Her unique style is inspired by fashion accounts such as Fashion Bambini and Mimi Elashiry. Gaby enjoys wearing indigenous culture styles such as patterns. Gaby’s wardrobe consists of patterns, indigenous cultural clothing, and sustainable and earthy fashion. Her wardrobe shouts out diverse, which is also the type of person she is.

Having such a diverse and different style, Gaby had strong thoughts on what fashion truly meant. The first thing that came to her mind is that it is “how people express themselves”. She also feels it is a “fine line between expressing who you are and trying to create an image”. To her this is super problematic because the textile industry creates so much waste, people don’t need to buy anything new but rather second hand. Quality is also better when it is second hand. She tells us how “clothes have been made to support consumerism”. One word she says explains it all is “authenticity”.

Thrifting is a large culture which not many people are aware. Old clothes are sustainable and personally, they always look better. If you are like Gaby, a thrift shop queen, but do not know where to find the right store, have no fear because here are a few tips from Gaby herself for the where to’s in thrift shops. In Johannesburg, there are places such as Melville, Braamfontein such as charity shops and arts on main. (Gaby prefers buying on the side of the road as the clothing is more authentic). If you are in Grahamstown and searching for the right shops there sadly aren’t many, or even any but luckily just down the road in Bathurst you can go ballistic with choosing clothes different thrift stores.

Gaby Lea Isabelle: @gabyisabellee